Cellar conversion

We are able to convert a damp or flooded basement into wonderful living space for you to enjoy. We use a system of specialist waterproof membranes linked to a pumped or gravity drainage system to re-direct water away from your walls and floor to create a safe dry environment.

A Building Regulations application is required for converting an existing basement to habitable use, excavating a new basement or extending an existing basement. We can manage this process on your behalf.

In some cases the existing walls may have to be underpinned and floor level reduced in order to achieve a satisfactory floor to ceiling height. Existing first floor joists may also have to be supported, such as by steel beam or beams. In such instances we will bring in a structural engineer to undertake the structural design of any underpinning and structural alterations, including drawing up a method statement setting out how and in what sequence the proposed works are to be carried out.

Once any structural work and waterproofing has been carried out we are then able to proceed with turning the space into usable rooms.